4 April 2018
Media Release - #2018009, 2018

In the role of: Assistant Minister to the Treasurer [24 January 2017 - 23 August 2018]

Launch of General Sir John Monash Commemorative Coins

The Government welcomes the launch of two unique commemorative coins celebrating the legacy of General Sir John Monash.

The coins, produced by the Royal Australian Mint (the Mint), pay tribute to one of our most distinguished Australians. A brilliant military tactician, Sir John Monash played a pivotal role in Australia’s participation in the First World War.

Sir Monash commanded the 4th Brigade on Gallipoli and the 3rd Australian Division in France in 1917 and early 1918 before being given command of the Australian Corps in May 1918.

Under Sir Monash, the Australians fought their most significant and most successful actions of the First World War. He was knighted for his services in 1918.

The launch of these coins coincides with the commemoration of the final year of the Centenary of Anzac and the 100th anniversary of Sir Monash’s important achievements on the Western Front.

The Mint has a long and proud history of producing mementos to commemorate significant milestones and important figures in Australia’s history.

Responsible for producing Australia’s circulating currency and a range of special, high-quality collectible coin products, the Mint is a keeper of records, capturing moments in time and celebrating achievements that represent our rich and proud heritage.