22 March 2018
Media Release - #2018007, 2018

In the role of: Assistant Minister to the Treasurer [24 January 2017 - 23 August 2018]

Government calls on interested parties to have their say on ACCC proposal to improve quad bike safety

After an extensive investigation, a Taskforce led by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has today released a consultation paper proposing regulatory changes to improve quad bike safety.

In October 2017, the Turnbull Government established the Taskforce in response to the high number of recent quad bike deaths and injuries.

These vehicles have the capacity to cause significant injury, or worse, to those who use them, including children.

Included in the Taskforce's proposed changes is the introduction of a mandatory safety standard that will include a safety star rating system, operator protection devices and minimum performance tests, to help reduce deaths and injuries caused by quad bike incidents.

Tragically, 16 people die each year from quad bike incidents across Australia and approximately six people per day attend hospital emergency departments, of which two require hospitalisation for serious injuries.

While quad bikes are an important tool for farmers, they are also popular recreational vehicles and should be used in accordance with the recommended safety precautions.

The ACCC paper, which details the proposed options to make a mandatory safety standard can be found on the product safety website.

The Government calls on interested parties to consider these proposed changes and make a submission. Submissions close on 4 May 2018.

If you currently own or ride a quad bike, it is strongly recommended that you follow safety advice on the product safety website.