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Confused Leigh’s own words come back to bite him

15 February 2017

Andrew Leigh is repeating his misrepresentation of Australia’s corporate tax rate to defend his backflip on now opposing a cut to the corporate tax rate he once supported. Yesterday and again today, the Shadow Assistant Treasurer tried to incorrectly claim that we don’t need to reduce the 30% corporate tax rate because somehow the corporate […]

Leigh caught out in an embarrassing tax lie

15 February 2017

Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Andrew Leigh, was caught out in an embarrassing claim about a fundamental feature of Australia’s tax system. In an interview on Sky News Australia, Andrew Leigh said the following to justify Labor’s anti-competitive policies on tax: “What Australians have to recognise is that our corporate rate has dividend imputation. That means we […]

New Assistant Minister to the Treasurer

25 January 2017

It was my privilege to be sworn in today as Assistant Minister to the Treasurer. The Turnbull Government is committed to its economic agenda. The Liberal Party has always been the government of strong economic policy and budget reform and I am dedicated to upholding that tradition. I look forward to working with the Ministerial […]